Nushin Yazdani / Home Is Where (Berlin)

Home Is Where (2017) by artist Nushin Yazdani

What does “at home” mean? When does one feel at home? Is it a place or a feeling, or both? Are there people who feel at home more easily than others? Can you consciously create a home? How does it smell, how does it feel? What does home mean to people who have migrated themselves, or whose parents have migrated or had to migrate? Do you gain several homes, or does everything feel foreign and empty? We live in a time when some can move around more easily than ever, can decide where they want to live and make a home. Others can never experience the privileges of a passport that opens all doors. 

For some, a place will never feel like home because racism, hetero- and cis-sexism or capitalism prevent it.



After my move from Berlin to Vancouver, Canada,

and the death of my father, who was my strongest connection to Iran, I created a video exploring these questions. I asked different people of my age, most with migration histories, to provide me with images that mean home to them. Then I interviewed them about it. 

still from "Home Is Where"
still from "Home is Where"

<3 Thank you to Andrea, Ceci, Ester, Jamie, Kayla, M., Nova, Rafał, R., Sami, and Zarifa for being part of this, and for being incredible humans <3

BIO: Nushin Isabelle Yazdani is a transformation designer, artist, and AI design researcher. She works at the intersection of machine learning, design justice, and intersectional feminist practices, and writes about the systems of oppression of the present and the possibilities of just and free futures.

At Superrr Lab, Nushin works as a project manager on creating feminist tech policies. With her collective dgtl fmnsm, she curates and organizes community events at the intersection of technology, art and design. Nushin is a lecturer at different universities, Landecker Democracy Fellow, and a member of the Design Justice Network. She has been selected as one of 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics 2021.

A link to watch Home Is Where in full, is available here

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