Nayeli Vega / Intersections X,Y,Z (Berlin)

Intersections X,Y,Z (2021) by artist Nayeli Vega

Intersections X,Y,Z is a piece that uses various technologies to encode or decode words to compose a text inspired by A Raisin in the Sun. A new text has been created from the play by my conversation with GPT 2, an open source AI tool for text generation. 

The words in this text have then been translated into knots used as haptic codes. 

Through a series of digitally rendered weavings and 3D printed physical manifestations, a network of concepts and meanings is created and stored in an object or surface that can be interpreted in different ways depending on the context, culture, language, time, or geography. 

Intersections X,Y,Z is part of an ongoing process that emerged from the artist’s wider project ‘Codes in Knots, inspired by the Incan knotted string devices called Khipus. 




text written by the artist in collaboration with GPT-2,2021


For me it has been fundamental to examine the role of technology and its function to discuss ecological and social issues occurring in the past, present, and probable future.

As a designer and artist my practice is developed in a hybrid way, both in the physical and digital space. 

prototype 1, 2020


BIO: Nayeli Vega is a designer and artist born in Mexico City living and working in Berlin. Vega earned her master’s in Textile and Surface Design (2020) from the Weißensee Academy of Art in Berlin, receiving the DAAD Award for outstanding achievements of international students at German universities. Her work has been presented at the Dutch Design Week, Berlin University of the Arts, Transmediale Vorspiel, Spectrum Gallery in Berlin, and re:publica Festival. In 2021 she was awarded the Elsa-Neumann scholarship of the State of Berlin.

She is co-founder and member of Lacuna Lab e.V., an international artist collective and association located in Berlin, which brings together a wide range of hybrid practices at the intersection of art and technology and she collaborates with several local organisations in Berlin and Brandenburg state, leading workshops focused on the relation of digitalisation, textiles,sustainability and social justice.

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