Matters of Gravity (Nahum, Ale de la Puente, Tania Candiani, Juan José Díaz)(Mexico City)

Supernova by artists Matters of Gravity (2015)

Supernova: a star that has exploded and creates such conditions where some of the fundamental bricks of life are created to be distributed to the universe. A Mexican piñata is a star-shaped object meant to be smashed to give away its contents to the participants. 

In zero gravity, the piñata’s contents don’t fall on the ground, instead, they fly to all possible directions behaving as a supernova. 

A metaphor of cosmic traditions. 

Matters of Gravity is an arts project that emerged after two years of investigations and a few seconds in zero gravity. 

This weightlessness environment gave birth to series of artists’ works at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre in Russia. There, on board the iconic Ilyushin 76 MDK, 9 artists and 1 scientist from Mexico embarked on a space mission to reflect on gravity by its absence. A few seconds were enough to experiment with eternity, to realize a story, to break a paradigm, to liberate a molecule, to have an illusion, to experience movement without references, to create poetry out of two bodies, to make the useless become useful, and to search for an impossible embrace.

BIO: Directed by Nahum, the founding director of the KOSMICA global institute founded in 2011. KOSMICA supports that space does not belong to anyone and humans’ relationship with it is deeply rooted in every culture around the world. KOSMICA believes that all of us have a stake in humanity’s actions beyond our planetary home. In particular, artists, poets, anthropologists, musicians, philosophers, and other cultural practitioners bring unique perspectives to the debates and issues surrounding space activities.


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